These are our dogs and cats which are looking

for a home.

Please look at the album and if you fall in love with any of them, please contact us by e-mail (

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The dogs and cats we are presenting to you are located at the registered shelter in Poreč, Istria, Croatia which is led by a team of veterinarians of the Veterinary hospital Poreč, and our Association is a partner of the Shelter.

All dogs are vaccinated against infectious diseases, rabies, and microchipped. Adult dogs are tested for 4 diseases (CANIV-4 test) and neutered, and puppies can be adopted providing they are neutered when they are old enough for the procedure. All dogs are adopted exclusively as pets, potential homes are checked and a contract is signed, small enclosed areas, box and chain are out of the question. Each pet comes to your home freshly bathed, with a collar and leash for first hand, and we also recommend purchasing a harness, especially for the first days in a new home, for added security.

Regardless of age, each dog can adapt to a new family and learn everything you want to teach him. A dog should not be chosen only by appearance - to choose a dog that will fit well into your family, you should choose a dog that suits the character and needs, and the dynamics of your family. The volunteers of our Association are experienced, know all our dogs well and will be happy to help you choose. So contact us with confidence and take home the right dog which will be a loyal friend and whose company you will enjoy for a long time

All cats are examined, cleaned of parasites, vaccinated against infectious diseases, and to go abroad we vaccinate them against rabies and microchip them (in HR this is not mandatory). Adult cats are neutered.

Both dogs and cats have an EU passport, and are registered in Lysacan, the database of the Republic of Croatia, and adoption is completely free.

Contact us and arrange a visit to our shelter!

Our Association is a voluntary, non-profit organization and finances its activities exclusively from donations from citizens. If you want to support the work of our Association, you can donate to the following accounts:


IBAN HR79 2340 0091 1109 1187 1





Ovo su naši psi i mace koji traže dom. Razgledajte naš album i ako se zaljubite,

možete nas kontaktirati putem e-maila (

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One example of our mediations! After the end of the season,

tomcat Jakob stayed behind alone at the campsite in Vrsar,

we tried him first in the marina to integrate into the cat houses,

but it was not accepted by the conspecifics.

so we brought him to Salzburg where he now has a very nice home.

Many thanks to the adoptive family!!!