Maistra d.d. in cooperation with the Poreč Veterinary Hospital

and the volunteers of the SOS Paws Rovinj Association,

is carrying out an action: CATCH-STERILIZE-RETURN

in all your facilities where free-roaming cats live. In December,

19 cats were spayed at the Amarin site,

which were returned to the capture site after spaying.

All cats are marked with a cut-out triangle on the left ear.

Why is free-roaming cat identification important (and required by law)?

Failure to do so results in many cats being unnecessarily trapped and re-sedated.

So if you neuter the cat you feed, get the cat tagged! Next week we will start

the action in the TN Villas Rubin and Polari. During the tour of camps and holiday resorts

with the administration of Maistra d.d. lists the places where the Maistra company

will use its funds to set up feeding grounds and houses for cats.

With this commendable action,

Maistra d.d. the first company in Croatia to set up feeding areas for free-roaming cats

in all of its facilities. We ask those who feed to keep the feeding areas clean and tidy!


































The Municipality of Bale-Valle, in cooperation with the Rovinj Veterinary Clinic and the volunteers of the SOS Šape Rovinj association, is carrying out the action: CAPTURE - STERILIZE - BRING BACK all free-roaming cats in the territory of the Municipality of Bale. In this action, in the last 2 weeks 18 free-roaming cats sterilized. Bale Municipality subsidizes the neutering of all wild cats in Bale Municipality. The campaign continues and Bale residents are invited to respond to the campaign and spay their cats at special prices to bring the excessive cat population under control. All spayed cats are marked with a clipped triangle on the left ear. In addition to the house of Bala's mascot, the cat Gatto, they will soon have their own houses and free-roaming cats in Bale. We thank Mrs. Loreta Berne, who supports us with the whole campaign.





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