this homepage serves as a guide for guests on site how to behave towards the cats in the marina!

This is an initiative for a better life of cats in Marina Vrsar!

This initiative was made possible for us by Marina Vrsar and the Municipality of Vrsar!

Content of our project: Feeding at a central point! No more food shortage

thanks to controlled feeding by our supervisor!

Cleaning and maintenance of cat houses and feeding stations!

For the cats in Marina Vrsar we have set up their own little houses

where they can find shelter especially when it rains or in winter

and therefore do not go on the yachts!

They will be neutered, vaccinated, veterinary cared for and treated by us!


behavior towards the cats for guests on site in the entire area of ​​the marina! and why it matters!


Please do not feed in these areas: On the premises of Fereli Yacht Service! In the entire parking area of ​​the marina! Otherwise the cats will wait under the cars for food and may be run over!

some examples!

if you want to feedfor the safety of the cats,

use only these feeding station on the promenade!

of course we accept food donations

welcome-the cats will thank you!



please keep clean!





Of course, we also work with the local authorities and

animal protection groups together!

In case of injured or sick cats, our project is supported

by local authorities,SOS PAWS POREC (non-profit association)

and Vetrinarska Bolnica Porec Veterinary Clinic.

For example, injured or sick animals are picked up with our own rescue vehicle!

We are not a donation-oriented association and finance our project

in Marina Vrsar ourselves.However,

SOS PAWS POREC and Vetrinarska Bolnica Porec Veterinary Clinic would be happy

to receive a donation.

These institutions are doing really great work

in rescuing cats and dogs in Istria!

see also under mediation SOS PAWS and animal protection/news

or click on the following logos!




Banka: PBZ IBAN: HR79 2340 0091 1109 1187 1
Registarski broj Udruge: 18003160

we are

we are an association

registered in Austria

with the name

"better life for cats in Marina Vrsar !"

ZVR-Zahl 1639040440