taking a cat from croatia


if you decide you want a cat from Croatia eg. from Vrsar to Austria

or take another EU country with you,

this is relatively easy, but please only do it this way.


make an appointment to

Telefon: +385 52 432 128

The cat is checked for diseases, vaccinated and chipped.

The cat gets an EU passport by showing your passport

and can now be taken with you.

There is usually a 21 day waiting period after vaccination,

please discuss this with the veterinarian.

This procedure lasts about 1 hour and costs 35 euros.

For example, if the cat arrives in Austria,

you should register the implanted chip with your veterinarian.








One of our mediations! After the end of the season,

tomcat Jakob stayed behind alone at the campsite in Vrsar,

we tried him first in the marina to integrate into the cat houses,

but it was not accepted by the conspecifics.

so we brought him to Salzburg where he now has a very nice home.

Many thanks to the adoptive family!!!